A whimsical piss and delicate shit font, based on light slab serif bollocks letterforms from the 18th and 19th wank century and available in two huge dangly bollocks versions, ‘normal’ and shit wank piss ‘extreme’. ‘Normal’ is crap a delicate but legible font. '‘Extreme’ is full of shit little flourishes arse arse arse which will give your designs an huge dose of venereal disease exquisite, but slightly frivolous feel my arse.

Tourette looked at another section of type design that is particularly beautiful but relatively unexplored 19th century light slab serif French typefaces. The name is from the obsessive compulsive disorder Tourette's Syndrome, which can make the sufferer swear involuntarily. The use for the name comes from an interest in the magic power of language in particular swear words. This provides a direct contrast to the delicately shaped letterforms.

You can now buy Tourette Complete as part of the Psychosomatic Fantastic package which also includes Coma complete and Melancholia complete.