Prototype is a universal alphabet with a very contemporary identity crisis - is it old or new? uppercase or lowercase? serif or sans serif? Experimental letterforms but with an irritating familiarity of a cover version of a played-to-death pop song. Prototype tries to be all things to all people.

Many designers have drawn a universal font which rationalises the alphabet, removing the inconsistencies of upper and lower case implementing a logic to something which had grown organically. Prototype is the same experiment carried out in the 90s, an era of crisis in design, with the profession fragmented in meaningless abyss not sure which ideology to follow. The idea for the first sketches came from the concept of sampling that was influencing pop music at the time.

The font contains 2 alternative characters, in the lowercase 'a' there is a version which works with the font at sizes above 48 point the base is thinner giving it more of a double take with a cap 'A'. There is also an alternative 'E' which is more towards a lowercase.

You can now buy Prototype Complete as part of the Super Future package which also includes Delux complete and Prozac complete.